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Press Releases

Press Releases

Date: 24th August 2005
Publication: The Manly Daily
Title: "Rachel finds writing child's play" 

Date: Issue 27 May 2006
Publication: EdRugby Online Newsletter
Title: "Sports4Kids" 

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Sports4Kids aims to increase the awareness of and participation in sport among our young. The Sports4Kids first book series called "Max and Molly's Sports Adventures", aims to do this for the 0-5 age group by teaching basic educational skills such as counting, colours, ABC and days of the week.

Sports4Kids are supported by several Australian National Sporting Organisations, sporting personalities and media organisations and support the Australian Sports Commission's Active After-School Communities Program.

For further information about Sports4Kids including book prices, click here or email

Date: 20 June 2006
Publication: Swim-Bytes, Swim Australia e-bulletin.
Title: "What's New" 

Swim Australia is assisting in the promotion of a new series of books for young children - Sports4Kids.  The books encourage children to engage in physical activity as a lifelong pursuit.  Swimming is featured prominantly.  You can check them out at

Swim Schools registered with Swim Australia can purchase these books at a special rate.  They would make great prizes or gifts.  Swim Schools can even retail them to parents.  If ordering, simply quote 'Swim Australia' to get the discount.

Date: July 2006
Publication: Sydney's Child, Food & Fitness Issue
Title: "New Books For Children" 

Max & Molly's A-Z of Sports by Rachel Dodson, Sports4Kids, RRP $5.95

Aims to increase awareness and participation in sport to help fight against obesity, while learning basic skills.  There are also three other books in the series that focus on sport with numbers, colours and days of the week.