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About Us

Our Vision

Sports4Kids aims to increase the awareness and participation of sport by children and in doing so align with the Federal Government's stance on reducing obesity in Australia.

What We Do

Sports Awareness

Max & Molly's Sports Adventures Book Series

Sports4Kids aims to increase the awareness of sport by children initially through the Max & Molly's Sports Adventures book series.  Find out more.

Interactive Sports Database 

Sports4Kids is also developing a range of other media products including an interactive online database for kids, parents and teachers to find out what sports develop what skills and then give the participant a list of local sports clubs for the sports that appeal to them. 

Sports Participation

Sports Programs

Sports4Kids is currently building a grass roots program which will increase the participation in sport by children through a series of events and activities.  This grass roots program will be launched in Spring 2006 with the sponsorship of the Surf For Life event by Sports4Kids and participation in the Get Active Sydney event and the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.  Find out more.

Sports Equipment

Sports4Kids is also developing a range of sporting equipment making it easier for kids to get out there and get active.

Our Approach - Learn! Be Active! Have Fun!


Sports4Kids believes in Mem Fox's theory that from birth children should read/be read to 3 books per day and by the time they reach pre-school age they will be able to read.

Our books are designed to help kids learn educational skills as well as becoming aware of what sports there are.

Many skills, both physical and intellectual, can also be learnt from participating in sport.

Be Active!

Skills Development

Participation in sport develops both physical and intellectual skill.  Different sports develop different skills:

Physical Skills

Sports like running, swimming and cycling develop aerobic ability.

Sports like cricket, baseball, and gymnastics develop coordination, balance and flexibility.  

Intellectual Skills

Although rugby, football and AFL also develop physical skills they also develop intellectual skills such as interactive/social skills (psychology and sociology), the ability to learn and apply (through learning technical skills) as well as decision making skills.

Hence Sports4Kids believes in the Australian Institue of Sports approach to participation in sport for kids, that children should participate in many different sports to develop as many skills as possible. 

Health Benefits

Sports4Kids also believes that participation in sport leads to many physical and intellectual health benefits.  Physical health benefits include a healthy body weight, heart and blood function, sleep patterns, muscle strength and bone density and structure.  Intellectual health benefits include concentration, self confidence, self esteem, relaxation and mental stability.

Have Fun!

Above all Sports4Kids also believes that children should at foremost have fun!  It really doesn't matter if you are not an olympian by age 5, if you have fun doing a sport keep doing it!

Business Opportunities

At present we still have opportunities for Corporations and Associations to become involved in the Sports4Kids concept:

  • Increase in Exposure and Community profile through Endorsement of the Sports4Kids concept and or individual products for Sporting Bodies (local, state and national levels), Sporting Identities and Corporate Sponsors.  For a list of current endorsements please click here.
  • Increase in Revenue for Sporting Bodies, Sporting Identities, intermediaries or distributors through Distribution of the Max & Molly's Sports Adventures book series via online and offline channels.  Target channels currently include: retail stores, pre-schools, schools, gyms, kids play gyms, book clubs.   We currently offer between 10-20% of revenues in our distribution agreements.
  • Increase in Revenue and Exposure for media production and distribution companies through joint development of other media products.
  • Increase in Revenue and Exposure for event management organisations through Alignment and/or Delivery of grass roots sporting events and activities for children.
  • Increase in Revenue for sports equipment manufacturers or distributors through joint development of branded sporting equipment for children.

We welcome any enquiries and look forward to any further discussions with your organisation.  For further details please contact S4K's Strategic Director, Freddie Dodson at or on 0415980905.